Sunday 28 February 2010

February Tideline

Yesterday I went for a walk on the shore. It was the most beautiful day with sunshine and a blue sky. So I decided rather than explain it I have posted a photograph. I cross the railway bridge, through the gate and step on to this shore. I look out of my bedroom window every morning at this wonderful view. Some days it is grey and stormy and I can't see the hills. Today a large tide is due and all the grass will be covered in sea water, the shore flooded until the tide turns and reveals the land again. It is always changing with the different weather.
Yesterday was so cold with a biting wind, the snow clinging to the hills in the distance. I walked for over an hour, felt the sun but mostly the wind on my face. Along the tide line I collected some oak leaves, the salty water turns them a bluey black colour. There was a lot of seaweed brought up with the high tide. A great find was the Mermaids purse with its long tangled threads, it deserves a more detailed drawing all by itself. I found a few duck feathers with lovely markings blowing about.
It was the little fat bubbly strands of seaweed that ended up in my drawing with a strange greeny grey holly leaf, a feather and the mermaids purse. I sat for hours last night painting them in acrylic paints, using yellow ochre, red, blue, brown and white to mix the colours. I love being down on the shore, the estuary surrounded by the hills, seeing the birds and collecting bits and pieces to draw. Another page in my square book. Hope you like it.
Press the photograph of the shore, see what I see.


Frances said...

Milly, that openness is truly beautiful. Now I do understand better how it is that you find such treasures on your walks.

Your latest painting is so graceful. Its composition invites the viewer to really take time to consider what you have captured.

Thank you! xo

Pondside said...

What a wonderful view you have!
I love to walk down on the spit that divides the Strait from the Lagoon - always something wonderful underfoot or just in front as I walk.
I'd never heard of a mermaid's purse - of course, that's exactly what it is!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a beautiful place it is, Milly - love the seaweed included in your painting. Best wishes, Lesley

Tammie Lee said...

the organic flow of your drawing is wonderful. And your photo is dreamy, I would love to walk into that day.

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

Such a lovely painting, dancing on the page. This reminds me of wrack line #272, which perhaps contains your mermaid purse's dancing partner.

And thank you, too, for letting us in on your view. With that before you, it would be hard, indeed, not to be inspired by nature every day!

Carolina said...

Hi Milly,
I knew those were things that came from the sea even before reading the post :) I love the composition and all the different things included in this collection.
The photo of the shore shows a glorious day. What happened with all the ice and snow of days ago??? That certainly is a changing weather!
Thanks for sharing your bedroom views, that's a blessing!
Lots of hugs,

kookaburra said...

Ah, cousins to my beach finds! I like that strange bit of seaweed in the middle; I've not seen that type before. And the mermaid's purse has fine tangles indeed.


i'm very happy to send you milly with a Sunshine Award :) for your blog's a delight to see your drawings from nature and read your posts .... you can to see the list of the other recipients on my blog.

a beautiful collection and place.


Gary Keimig said...

beautiful view indeed. Isn't nature a great trip through life. Love what you are doing.

Karlette said...

Just came across your blog & must say you do Beautiful work. Im adding you to my inspirational list of blogs :o)

~ Karlette

Ann said...

Beautiful. Your painting and the landscape where you are. I am so envious! I always find those mermaid purses fascinating to draw too.