Sunday, 6 March 2011

week 9

                        The week 9 page and the giveaway for Dan on the right.
The finished page.
As you can see below,  I still had a few more to do this afternoon.
We have had a glorious week with sunny days and each morning the sight of a blue sky.  One day we walked across the shore and of course I was searching for finds for my sketchbook.  It was so lovely we even sat and had our drink and snacks.  We knew it was only early March but it felt very warm and spring like as we wandered across the pale sand as I was searching and gathering some new finds. The geese were circling around and calling,  hundreds of them,  so beautiful to watch.  Lots of feathers went into my bag.  The many oak leaves I love to see stuck to the sand are blown from the nearby woods and fields, along with the seeds and red berries.  As I collect objects I wonder where they came from and how far they have travelled.
I see the circle of life here on the seashore, the promise of new life  in seeds, tiny shells,  the mermaids purse  which once held  a new life, and so many other examples.  Just as we see dead and decomposing objects.
Today we saw two oyster catchers, two birds choosing a possible nest side,  before long there will be nests on the shore and the thrill of stumbling on one and being able to view some eggs.  A single swan glided in the water, last year the pair of swans had four cygnets,  could this be one of their young,  now grown and left her  parents.  Ducks and other birds provided me with some more feathers,  many of them fished from the water as they floated and drifted to the waters edge.   I found some crabs legs, a claw and some empty body cases.
It has been such a lovely week and we have had the added pleasure of  enjoying  pretty  pink sunsets.  I always feel so calm and relaxed on the shore,  looking at the views of the surrounding landscape, walking on the sand  hearing the birds calling and my head full of my memories of happy days here.   And a lovely sighting was a butterfly,  dancing through the air,  like us chasing the sunshine. This  place always makes me feel so glad to be alive.
The week has been busy but I have managed to record my week 9 finds and complete the little give away for Dan,  it will be on its way tomorrow.  Even though I was just finishing my page this afternnoon.   My objects are first drawn in pencil and then painted using the acrylic inks and my sable brush.  All the drawings are from the real objects and I have left some for you to see.
Thank you for such lovely comments,  they have been so nice to read and I just want to share this with you.
I attended a funeral this week where the son spoke of his Mother and the things she did for many other people. He said they were often only small things,  but that even a small act of kindness can make a huge different to  another person.  We can all make a different to others with the things we do.


acornmoon said...

is there such a thing as a small act of kindness I wonder? Kindness cannot be measured and it does make a great deal of difference.

I am very excited as I am going to visit your neck of the woods in May, doing a book restoration workshop. If I see a lady gathering feathers on the beach I will know it is you!

Jill said...

It was such a dull week here that reading your post and looking at your sketch book is ALMOST as good as a walk on the beach for real.
Beautiful pages.

Raining Acorns said...

Your lovely drawings are acts of kindness for all of us, every week. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.

Carol Creech said...

I, too, loved reading your descriptions of the beach and warm spring days. We had more snow here and it's still cold. That along with taking care of my daughter's cold makes me long for spring! I very much enjoyed reading your post and seeing your paintings this week! Small things, small kindnesses are indeed priceless.

Pondside said...

Lovely post - words as appealing as the drawings.
Kindness - especially small kindnesses mean so much. It's what's missing in so much of our world these days. Are people becoming harder? Are we looking out for #1 more than ever?

Tammie Lee said...

yes, small acts of kindness
pink sunsets
sable brushes
lovely art
meditative walks....
small acts of kindness

Melody said...

I had to study the drawing for a moment, to find the objects that were "real" :)))) Do you mix the acrylics inks like acrylic paint to make your colors? I've never used them... so i'm curious. Thanks for the delightful trip to the beach !!

martinealison said...

Très jolie publication... je te félicite pour tant de minutie et d'attention... le vrai respect de la nature.

Swan Artworks said...

Another lovely collection, I love brown barred feathers...
It's great to hear about your seashore walk too, all the sounds and the things you saw all put your paintings into context and must hold the memory of that walk for you too...
I've said it before but it will be such a precious book to look back on with all those memories, and such a sense of care and love for your landscape comes across in the paintings too...

Posie said...

Milly, what lovely words you end your blog with, and so true. The paintings are looking fantastic. I was on a beach clean day with the school last week and I thought of you and your 'finds'. I was so hungry after all oft hat sea air, so can totally understand you having a picnic on the beach, you can't beat it.

Dan said...

Thank you for my wonderful pictures, cards and the actual feather!
And of course kindness cannot be measured, but it can be remembered.

dulcy said...

Lovely post.... I enjoyed reading your blog and your beautiful drawings from nature!