Saturday, 26 February 2011

week 8

Today was a lovely bright sunny day. This shows some of my finds.

I had a present this week off my sister, this lovely memory from my childhood, the Ladybird book of the Seashore. Now it really did bring back some memories as I looked through the pages. I was busy working on the week 8, when I saw the illustrations in the little book I decided I would photograph them for you to see. I guess as children we see things and become interested in them, this interest can last throughout your whole life. Now you can also read all about the Mermaids purses, just as I did all those years ago.
Last week the tide was completely covering the grassy shore and it was so wet in the afternoon when I went to collect my finds. I was afraid of going too far as it was so slippery and wet. It was also bitterly cold with snow on the hills. I collected the red seaweed and the little shells and the lovely oak leaf. It was enough to fill my double page. In the book it mentions the sucker that holds the seaweed, something I liked about my chosen piece. It was a grey day and the red leaves really shone out. I have gathered quite a collection of the Mermaids purses over the weeks, each one different in some way. This specimen had really long curly strands. It is painted in acrylic inks, not quite complete. Hope you like it.

Today the sun was shining, the photograph was taken about 11 o'clock, on a long 2 hour walk as I wandered along the shore searching. Being aware that I always collect too much I went for smaller specimens this week, it will be fun to see how the picture turns out. When I arrived home my objects were washed and I thought I would let you see some of them, some clues to the next picture. Can you see the Mermaids purses? I have a lovely feather and some small pieces still in my pocket. Some of them will be chosen and appear in the next pages. I will look and decide and of course see how much time I have before it is Saturday again.
Thank you for your comments.
The winner of my little give away was Dan.
Pondside and Melody came out next so will have a little prize too.
If you can email your address.


Pondside said...

What a lovely insight the sharing of that book gives us. It's interesting to think of what, then seemingly inconsequential, things inspire a child. I love the red in your work.
What a treat - off to email you, thank you!

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

Lovely, as always, and the addition of the Ladybird book was an especial treat.

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful to see your sea plants and artful pieces of them.
I am working on a mermaid piece tonight and might be including sea plants in it. That will be a first for me.

Posie said...

I remember the ladybird book of the seaside, those ladybird books were such a part of our childhood, although as a child they never quite inspired me. What a lovely gift from your sister.Gorgeous paintings as always, so delicate, and the colours, you capture it so well Milly. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, your blog is very inspiring :)

Dan said...

Hi Milly, you have no idea how thrilled I am to have won your giveaway, and to have a little piece of your sea-inspired art of my own!
I like how you've captured the colour and detail of the red feathery seaweed. Amazing to think that fish hatch out of the tiny eggs you've gathered, and interesting that each one you've collected has been slightly different. I love the Ladybird book too - they had the most wonderful illustrations in them, and never fail to remind me of childhood.
I picked up a book from the library yesterday morning which is hopefully going to help me to learn to draw and paint. It's The Watercolourist's Nature Journal by Jill Bays. I've had a set of watercolour paints unopened for a couple of years now, as I've been too scared to try them in case it goes horribly wrong (silly eh?). It's about time I got them out and had a go!
You've got plenty of finds to choose from for next week.
Again, thanks so much for the prize!

Carol Creech said...

Wonderful finds and page! I love seeing the childhood book next to your painting as well. I agree - so fun to see what inspired you as a child. It is amazing what sticks with you like that. I feel the same about a bird encyclopedia I used to page through as a kid.

martinealison said...

Vos herbiers de la mer sont toujours remplis de richesses...

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

I like the way your lovely illustrations straddle the pages of the sketchbook Milly. x

wandering said...

Oh I love that book - we found a big pile of old Laybird books in France last year (of all places..), and this was one of them. I like it when I can learn stuff myself when reading with the children..

The reds are beautiful! Especially when being treated like this on another grey grey GREY day like today. Thank you!

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

Beautiful composition... I love the speckled oak leaf and the colour of that seaweed. The mermaid's purses are fascinating - I have never found one... I guess living near the sea helps!

I know I am definately influenced by the images in books I pored over as a child. I have vivid memories of hours lost in books, images and words that are still with me and also the memory of the feelings they evoked in me.
Sometimes I think we don't quite realise the depth of those childhood influences until they emerge and re-surface in our work, or sometimes something we do will bring a memory leaping back with a connection unconciously made.

It's a fascinating process really, becoming ourselves gradually through life, unwinding or inwinding chamber by chamber of our present moment, much like the shells you paint...

Ooops I better go now, I'm rambling on and on!! :)

Frances said...

Milly, I love how each week's finds create a continuing story of how beautiful nature is.

I might have mentioned this before, but I had never even heard of mermaids' purses before reading your posts. What interesting specimens they are!

Hoping that next week's walk will be under warmer sunlight. xo

Melody said...

I love your pretty book... It's fascinating how different our shells and seaweeds are here, compared to what you have there! I'll have to take up a collection and share a view of our beach.
I'm very pleased to be one of the chosen! :) Thank You!
I will e-mail you! :))))

suz said...

The book looks lovely and now I know more about Mermaid's purse. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful work with us.

Diane said...

I'm so happy that Delila is going to be able to meet you and have her dream of coming to England. I came over here an think your drawings and your blog are very beautiful.

jamberry_song said...

Your work is remarkable! I'm so glad I found you. :D

Mary said...

Having grown up at the Devon seaside, I love anything from the sea. Your beautiful artwork brings back memories of dancing in seaweed necklaces on a warm Summer day!

I love that I have found you here via Delila! How thrilled she is to at last be going to the Lake District and meeting you. Funny thing is, I believe she and I will arrive at Manchester airport (my husband and I from North Carolina) at approx. the same time that morning. Know you will have your own schedule, and don't want to intrude, but perhaps just a quick hello will be possible. I would love that as meeting blogger friends around the world has become such a wonderful thing for me. Please let me know if this might work for you.

We will be heading to Ullswater with a group of friends for a week - my first time in your area. Like Delila, I'm excited about visiting Hill Top. Following week I head to Devon to visit family and friends.

I'll be back to see more of your amazing illustrations and such. Nice to see Pondside visiting you too - I love that dear lady and she lives where I would love to be!

Happy weekend - Mary (A Breath of Fresh Air)

Artoholic said...

I'm so glad I found your blog again Eileen. Years ago I remember stumbling upon it and being enchanted. Nothing has changed.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that "collects too much" when it comes to sea shore treasures, and many a feather has been left in my pockets, only to find it much later and be delighted all over again.

Off to look through all your blog posts I've missed.



Ruthie Redden said...

Dear Milly, i am so over late visiting! I love the idea that your new project has sprung from & reading the posts & seeing the wonderful drawings of your finds is inspiring indeed. I remember reading that same book when i was a child, i loved it.x x