Monday, 3 October 2011

Week 39

This is my page for week 39.  I have such a lot of beautiful feathers collected from the shore,  but I chose these two grey and white gull feathers so I could also use my new grey acrylic ink.  I love drawing feathers,  always fascinating no matter how many times  I have drawn them it is always lovely to record their shapes and colours.  The birds always leave the feathers scattered across the shore and they get washed up by the sea and then left in the tide lines for me to find. I used cool grey and white, with tiny touches of yellow ochre and my pencil.  The fine lines were painted with my number 1 sable brush.  And the white on white paper, I did the best I could to solve this problem.
This week we have had some really high tides. On Thursday we wandered down to take some photographs.   The sea had covered much of the shore and was only a few feet away from the gate.  As it was such a lovely still day and the sun was hot the view was lovely.   Everywhere looked so tranquil and so still and quiet,  and the hills in pale shades of blue and grey.  We managed to walk along the edge close to the fence which borders the shore from the railway line.  The boulders had been surrounded by the water,  and large pools had formed on the grass.  We saw a little fish stranded on the grass and it was gasping,   my quick thinking husband threw it back into the sea and it swam off.   I was a little disappointed that in his quick action he didn't think to photograph it,  but I was glad it was alive and well. It is always hard for other people to imagine this shore covered in water when they have never experienced it,  so I hope the photograph will let you see.

Hope you like the two grey feathers. Thank you for the lovely comments. I am pleased to tell you that I have reached three quarters of the year this week 39, now just 13 weeks to complete the year.
Had lots more photographs but me and blogger are not getting along tonight!
See you next week.       Millyx




Carol Creech said...

Hi Milly,
I'm just catching up on the last few posts! Your feathers are so beautiful, as always. I love how you rendered these latest grey and white ones. The highlights are splendid and they look so delicate and fluffy!

Dan said...

They're beautiful Milly! How long did it take you to draw and colour them?

martinealison said...

Je suis toujours fascinée par ta grande dextérité à dessiner les plumes... Elles sont si belles et fidèles...
Merci aussi pour cette belle photo et bravo d'avoir rendu la liberté à ce poisson...
Gros bisous et à bientôt.
Merci aussi pour ton gentil message.

Frances said...

Bravo to your husband for his fish rescue! And bravo to you for creating this lovely painting of the two feathers. They have that calm that you describe feeling on your walk.

I also thank you for that very dreamy blue seascape photo. Lovely!

How on earth can we already be into week 40?


Tammie Lee said...

I love it when you do feathers, they are beautiful. wishing you luck with blogger.
I bet you feel so good about your dedication to your weeks of art!

Mary said...

I read recently that there were just 12 weeks until Christmas! Goodness where did the year go? So yes, you are three quarters through the year - what a fabulous year of drawing and painting Nature's beauty from your corner of the world Eileen. Thank you for sharing everything with us.

Lovely soft feathers, you do such a wonderful job with them making me want to hang a large print on a wall so I can look at them daily. The hill and sea shades are exquisite giving a whole new look to that area you have shown us weekly. Beautiful!

Happy week and hunting.
Love, Mary

Musik Mosiah said...

Nice art work! I really love the feathers. You are really gifted. Continue to share your work!

Susan Scheid said...

Lovely feathers--and isn't it amazing that you are already 3/4s of the way through your year?