Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Week 42

So week 42 and I really enjoyed this one.  After a busy Saturday at a craft fair I went onto the shore on Sunday morning.  It was a rather grey day with a strong wind blowing from the east so it was hats and windproof jackets.   We knew it was going to be muddy and wet after high tides and stormy days.   I didn't mind , just  glad to be out in the fresh air after missing the bright sunshine on Saturday.  As it streamed through the windows at the fair I did think I would venture out when I got home but it was really too late in the day as now it quickly gets dark.
We walked towards the sea,  the tide had gone down and lots of birds were on the sand.   It was very slippery especially on the green slimey algae which covered  the rocks,  our feet sink into the sloppy mud and we had to watch where we were walking.
I was thrilled to find the mermaids purses,  six different ones,  and I knew that they are going to be part of my page as I was already arranging them and placing them in a row in my minds eye.   Every red berry I found went into my bag and some interesting leaves with fascinating colours.   A whole collection of objects came home with me,  you can see them all in the photographs.  I loved the piece of seaweed for the colour and shape and the delicate toadstool poking through the grass which I  placed safely in my hat and carefully carried home.
My husband found all the pieces of china,  little presents which made me smile, he knew they would.  The  line of old posts from the long forgotten jetty is where they often appear,  a place where boats collected the slate from the village quarry. After a long walk  I have all my treasures,  my fill of fresh air,  rosy cheeks and an appetite, so we wandered home for lunch.  Then I started my drawings.

I started with the toadstool before it collapsed to nothing,  and then I added some red berries.
All the objects are washed....now to choose.  What would you choose?

I line the mermaids purses up and catch the details with a fine brush and acrylic ink.

On Monday evening it was the long piece of seaweed that finished the double page

The finished page and the objects.  As I was drawing the different specimens  I realised just how fragile the stalk of the toadstool was,  and how delicate the stems of the berries are.  The long thin twisted strands of the mermaids purse were very tangled, some  were snapped and others missing, whilst the body often had signs of  wear and tear as they too had been battered in the rough seas and the elements.  In contrast I was pleased to find the almost perfect length of fresh seaweed before it, in time, would have become damaged, broken and  started to decay.  In the house it has become dry, twisted and changed colouring.  They all make interesting subjects for me to draw, and share with you.
Hope you like week 42,  just ten weeks of the year to go.

The old jetty, where we find the pottery shards

   Thank you for the lovely comments, I do enjoy finding them.              Millyx


martinealison said...

Si je veux trouver les trésors de la nature il faut que j'aille sur le blog de Milly... Aujourd'hui, je suis gâtée... le filon est sous mes yeux... La beauté à l'état pur.
Gros bisous

Claire said...

Lovely post as usual;I love the mushrooms and mermaids purses.I found some oyster catcher feathers(I think they are!!) and interesting shells today on the beach-I may do them soon

Kay said...

beautiful painting and the story that goes with them....i can't believe there are only ten weeks to the end of the year now that is scary!!!!

Melody said...

Now I know where to hang out when I get back to England one day, near the old jetty ruins... :)))) In our corner of the world I try to find the "dump" (every old house had one) near an old cellar hole for pottery bit searching! I love the delicate little mushroom ~ nature makes such amazing things ~ and then you draw them beautifully! :)))))

Frances said...

Milly, what you write about the fragility of the natural elements you collect is so true. That adds yet another valuable ingredient to your being able to do such beautiful drawings of these treasures from the sea.

The quintet of mermaid's purses have silhouettes that also remind me of little owls, or even cats (who are sitting up very straight.)

Week 42 has a fine variety and really does show your beautiful drawing and painting very, very well.


Pondside said...

You are so hardy to go out in that cold and blustery weather. I'd be tempted to stay in by the fire, but then I'm not at all an artist with an artist's compulsion to seek inspiration and to create. I love the crockery shards - I always like it when you include them in your paintings.

Diana said...

Love your beautiful work this week too. I'm very fond of mushrooms you know! and love the mermaids purses. They remind me of my grandparents little cottage at Silver Beach. Milly your work is amazing. keep going! I'm going to miss it when you stop! love,Diana

Anonymous said...

Milly, I come to your blog every Sunday hoping to see something stunning and you never disappoint! Week 42 was great. I would have loved to see the tree limb with the red berries. Your style of painting would have been perfect for it. I also would love to see more shells. My favorite piece of yours is the blue seaweed, shell and oyster! Keep up the amazing work(;

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I just love all your nature drawings. And the fact that you go about collecting bits and pieces to take home and draw inspiration from. I've not heard of mermaid's purses. Isn't it amazing how they survive the tides, yet you take them out of their element and they start to fall apart or dry up. You capture their beauty so perfectly. Have a fabulous day. Tammy

Susan Scheid said...

Thank you for stopping by PD--I'm pleased you enjoyed the birds. It's nice to give you something to enjoy in return for the lovely images you give to us each week. (It's nice to think of you collecting and drawing their feathers!)