Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Week 49

Here is my double page for Week 49.  I have spent many hours working on the detail of the objects but I am really pleased with the finished pages.  After the walk on Saturday I sat by the warmth of the fire and started by sketching the six mermaids purses and the green piece of seaweed with lots of wavy roots. I thought I would give you a glimpse into the workings of this week when I discovered I had been captured on film!  I sit curled up in the chair balancing my board on my knee and the chair arm whilst also  juggling the plate with the inks  as I am drawing.  The washed objects are placed on another plate for me to observe.  I listen to the radio and at times join in when my memory triggers off an old favourite from my past.   It feels so nice to just sit and paint and watch the work develop across the page.  The wind whistles off the sea and the hailstone showers bash against the windows but I am totally relaxed and  engrossed in my drawings,  the hours fly by.
The objects were all washed and then chosen and added to my pages.   I had six different Mermaids purses, each one a different colour and shape,  the really pale ones were transparent and their long coiled dangling strings always fascinate me.  Often when I find them they are tangled up with other objects and I often have to pull them apart  and unravel  the threads.   I was equally fascinated with the mass of long thread like roots on the sea weeds  and the barnacles growing on the stem of the piece of seaweed. 

There was another  plate full of objects that I had collected,  it was hard to choose,  but somehow they made the decision for me because of how they looked together.  I loved all the red berries which had rolled into the corner by the green holly leaf....a real festive look. Then the darker shapes of the two brown leaves just looked lovely next to the tiny delicate pink shells and the blue mussel shell,  perfect for finishing the page.  I spent three days  carefully painting and I do like the interesting shapes and it turned out just as I hoped it would.
So, when it was time to photograph the work for the blog I have to search for the brightest place in these dark and gloomy days.   Here I am on the floor arranging the objects hopefully for some good interesting photographs to be taken by the ever so patient  photographer.
I will post a few more of his pictures of Saturday showing the sprinkle of snow on the hills and the dark clouds which gave us the hailstone showers later on.   We were well wrapped up and enjoyed the walk and I found so many things to draw.   We saw the black rooks pecking at the ground, a curlew fly over and the many gulls.  My husband shouted me over to see what he had found, it was the eel which I am holding and he also discovered some more pieces of blue and white china for me.  I picked up every red berry I saw,  they are now a deeper colour and many are looking quite damaged just as the holly leaf has pieces missing.  The little pink shells seemed to be scattered all along the sand and I was pleased to find a mussel shell.  I could have collected so many beautiful leaves but I just chose two and I won't tell you how many feathers I collected!
As we are leaving the shore at 3pm Saturday.
Hope you like Week 49.
Thank you for the comments, it is  always lovely to read them.  Millyx



Carol Creech said...

What a gorgeous spread! The paintings are beautiful - I love all of the details. And I love reading about how engrossed you were while painting and drawing (even with hail and wind outside!) Having hours fly by like that is such a balm for the soul. :) Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

martinealison said...

Je suis toujours très impressionnée par le minutieux travail de préparation que cela te demande... Ensuite bien évidemment arrive l'oeuvre... Bravo pour cette dernière. Un tel souci du détail! je suis fascinée.
Gros bisous

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

What a fabulous piece Milly, so many textures and the detail is great. Again, another batch of wonderful photos of your windswept beach. Keep by the fire, it looks nice and toasty.

Pondside said...

Oh yes, I liked week 49 very much - from the bit of seasonal surprise (the holly and berries!) and the treat of the look at the artist hard at work by the fire. Kudos to the photographer too!

Chloe said...

Beautiful work, I love the subtle colours of the Mermaid's purses and the holly and red berries are lovely, very festive!

suz said...

This is so beautiful. The contrast of all the elements created a wonderful design. I love the holly and berries and, as always, the mermaids purses totally fascinate me. Your photographer does a brilliant job! Thank you for sharing the area where you walk.

Claire said...

Beautiful as ever Milly,stunning detail xx

acornmoon said...

Milly, you have excelled yourself this week! I really enjoyed seeing behind the scenes, you do look so absorbed in your work. The colours in this new painting look so Christmassy don't they? Lovely, a real treat!

Jill said...

Lovely to see you working - you look so comfy curled up there. Enjoying looking at your work as always.

Frances said...

Milly, week 49 truly signals that we are just about to enter into a new year.

I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful observations week by week as that once young 2011 developed. Your book of drawing and painting has grown and grown, showing us not only your great artistry, but also showing us quite a bit of what a tide delivers, week after week, to someone with artist's eyes.

Each page of your book has so much accuracy, and also shows your unique way of translating what you found on the shore to an image that will live on a page.

It's all quite wonderful Milly! I expect that you might just be a bit sorry yourself to find 2011 drawing, drawing ... to a close.


Feathers said...

It's fun to see you hard at work curled up in your fireside chair. I know it felt even cozier because of the hail and wind outside. Love this two-page spread. Sounds like it was a difficult choice this time. It's a little sad to realize that your sketchbook year is nearly done, but I'm sure you'll continue to delight us into 2012.
Merry Christmas to your and yours!

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

So good to see you at work, curled up in your chair ... have a soft spot for the little pink shells. Beautiful pics and as usual wonderful narrative x

wandering said...

Stunning... I just love looking at your work - it makes me hear and smell the sea. Which is wonderful, when I am actually miles away from it!


Susan Scheid said...

A special treat to see you in various phases of the work. As always, a simply splendid result! (I am listening right now to Vaughan Williams' Sea Symphony, which someone recommended to me. It very much fits the mood of your lovely drawings and photographs.