Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Week 50

Here is my week 50 page. We had a surprise when we woke up to snow last Friday.  Huge snowflakes were falling and it all looked like we were going to be a snow scene.  Thick clouds covered the hills.  As the morning progressed it stopped snowing, the clouds lifted and the views were spectacular. I wanted to photograph the day for my blog and decided this could also be my collecting walk, so off we went.  The photographer took the first photograph from the top of the temporary railway bridge.  Meanwhile I dashed down the steps to the shore, feeling like an excited child because of this.
It was just so beautiful walking with the blue sky and the sunshine on this crisp clear day.  The Lakeland mountains looked like a postcard.  The oyster catchers and gulls flying over the water. We walked up to the stony beach past the limestone barrier.  The sand was very wet and sloppy but it was here in the little puddles that I collected the tiny pale coloured shells. The huge white Mountain across the sands seemed to rise up out of the ground with such majesty with its clean white covering and the mist clinging  to the lower valleys.  The sky looked so blue,  it felt so still,  so calm,  so beautiful.
Slowly the tide crept across the shore.  We pottered around like a pair of children as I collected my shells and bits of seaweed and my husband enjoyed capturing the day.  Several trains rumbled past us, faces look out of the carriage windows. The sand was really soft and sloppy, as my feet sink into the sand I felt the panic,  childhood memories of the sinky sands, back onto more solid land!
We walked back along the edge of the tidal river as the water slowly filled into the estuary, now the highest tides are over it was a gentle calm movement contained within the river banks.  I saw some extra long lengths of seaweed, up to six feet and too big for my pages! Then we found the large pine cone washed onto the shore.  Each week I always wonder what will I find, each week something new and exciting is delivered for me.  We left after two hours, the sun had gone, clouds again building up and the day turning darker and a drop in the temperature. Last photographs as we left about 3 pm.
So here is my page for week 50.  I did a pencil drawing of the large pine cone and lots of the little shells.  Then I added the seaweeds and finally the five red berries.  The pine cone is a pencil drawing and the other objects I have used the acrylic inks and a fine brush. 

just the berries to add
Hope you enjoyed seeing the snow, it has mostly gone now, I am glad we captured the day.  Hope you like the page for week 50.  Thank you for the lovely comments.   I would like to say  to all  my readers,  "Happy Christmas and have a wonderful time". 
I will be down on the shore collecting at some point in the weekend!                     Millyx


martinealison said...

Un spectacle magnifique... Des photos tellement belles. Tout est serein et reposant et pourtant si vivant...
merci pour cet extraordinaire partage.
Une cueillette qui t'a permis de mettre un mise en scène artistique réussie.
Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes à toi et à tous ceux que tu aimes.

Lynn said...

A very merry Christmas to you and yours!

suz said...

This page is lovely. The intricacy of the pine cone is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the views of your walk. It's such a pretty area.
Happy Christmas to you and your photographer!

ELFI said...

magnifiques photos..bon noël!

Swan Artworks said...

A lovely arrangement, very delicate with the shells and fine, fine seaweed. I saw the pinecone at first in its negative, with this delicate structure around empty spaces - makes for a fascinating drawing!
The snow covered hills beyond the shore look stunning, what a magnificent winter landscape you walk in, wonderful!
Keep warm and Happy Solstice!

Marilisa Mesquita said...

Wonderful as always! A very Merry Christmas to you too! =)

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Love the artworks and just love seeing the new snow! Here in Perth I don't see it ever and only caught my first experience with snow last year... am smitten by it - so magical. Love your photos and want to wish you a safe, healthy and happy Christmas dear Milly xxx

Sketchbook Squirrel said...

These are gorgeous, with your usual intricate attention to detail.Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas. :)

Melody said...

I really like this one! It would make a beautiful scene on a big serving platter! :))) Lovely! Can't believe it's week 50!
The scenery from your walk is just amazing - what a pretty day!
I'm happy to hear the card arrived safely ~ it's "pottery" intact! ha ha ! :)
Very best wishes for an absolutely wonderful Christmas! :)))

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Another lovely drawing! I am so glad you have shared your sketches with us. A happy Christmas from the US.



Mary said...

Happy Christmas dear Eileen.
Back from my travels and will catch up with you soon.

Have a magical Christmas - all the best for the coming year.
Our love, Mary & Bob

Susan Scheid said...

So beautiful--and somehow, the drawing fits the feel of snow! Magical photographs--I'm not surprised you simply had to rush out and take them, with such a scene in front of you. I do hope you had a Happy Christmas, and now, here we are, but days away from the New Year, not to mention your own Weeks 51 and 52!