Monday, 24 November 2014

Following the Tide.

I really love wandering along the shore and scanning the ground and the sand banks to see what I can find. Of course it reflects the time of year with so many wind blown natural objects all mixed up with the sea treasures. After a high tide I collected a bag of finds. It has taken me a long time to finally complete this in the wide landscape A3 sketch book.

A delicate piece of seaweed and a leaf, my hand armed with a fine sable brush as I slowly strive to capture them. The leaf was totally dry and curled up by the next morning and reminded me of why I am happy to spend the time meticulously recording all the detail.

Then I added the rusty brown seaweed with the fat bubbles and a black sycamore seed. They always fascinate me, how something so delicate can survive this environment.

The second page links in with every red berry I found that day. They were in different states of repair, but I like to record that. No longer the perfect bright red berries they once were. Now damaged, wrinkled, some rotting and with blackened skins. But hopefully the tree has sown the seeds.

The mussel shell with so many tints of pale colours was fun to try and capture. I remember picking it up from the muddy sand, half buried, my finger rubbing and poking the wet sand from out of the shell to see the inside. I am pleased to call it finished, a memory of that day.

Another walk on the shore last Saturday had me once again collecting some bits and pieces. The tide had just gone down, it was very very muddy. My footprints sunk down into the soft squelchy slippery sand. I found pretty pink shells, leaves and seaweeds in tiny pools of water. The sand was covered with rippled patterns and I became a child again, lost in the wonder of this place. It felt like every minute was precious in the fading light.

Collecting treasures from the sand I am not sure what I have until I get home and wash and sort my bag of finds. Look at the colours and patterns of the bright pink feathery seaweed. Tiny pink shells and seeds and leaves scattered on the sand. I found different coloured mermaids purses and a papery thin Honesty seedhead. A piece of Seaweed covered in barnacles, a green twirling species I had not found before and so many blackened leaves.

We watched a fisherman with his young son pull three flukes from a line. The young boy was delighted with his fish, knee deep in mud and oblivious to the state of his clothes, having such a good time. The birds were also finding food from these mud flats. The geese were there and two white Egrets were an added bonus and added interest to the day. I guess I found food for my soul just being there.

And as the sun sets so early in the afternoon we made our way home quietly enjoying the last light of the day.

I washed my finds and sorted them out. It was the green seedweed that gently rocked and moved in the water that caught my eye and I immediately sketched it.

I managed to start the painting of it that same night and added more on Sunday trying to capture what I saw. Almost finished now.


The seashore holds such fascination. Every day it changes and we have been lucky to have such mild weather for this time of the year. Beautiful days and amazing coloured sunsets, there for us to gaze at, before we are quickly plunged into darkness around 4pm.


I hope you enjoyed visiting and seeing my seashore drawings and photographs. A big thank you for the comments which I love to read. See you soon. Millyx

The lovely Saturday afternoon mud flat images were taken by my husband and the rest by me on my iPad. Thank you for visiting. Hope you are still enjoying some fine sunny days. Anita , seen the weather in Michigan, deep snow! Keep warm.




Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Good evening Milly,
Yes, I truly enjoyed viewing your seaside, AND your brilliant paintings.. I love that you capture nature so beautifully.

martinealison said...


Je suis heureuse de vous retrouver... et d'admirer vos oeuvres qui sont sublimes. J'aime votre souci du détail.
Des oeuvres qui naissent au gré de vos découvertes...
J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à contempler l'ensemble de vos photos.

Gros bisous ♡

Valerie Gardiner said...

I love how you've brought together this collection of treasures and spread the painting across 2 pages in such a beautiful way. Your photos are magic too!

Chloe said...

Such beautiful work Milly :) I can't remember if I've said this before but a book of your paintings accompanied by the photographs and stories of how you find them would be so lovely x

Alissa Duke said...

Thank you for taking us all along on your walk with you and sharing its wonders. And then for creating such beautiful paintings and sketches from your collections along the way

Melody said...

Ahhhh, you read my mind. :))) I was just thinking how much I'd enjoy a little stroll with you, to see the sights, and enjoy some art ~ and here you are! I get so enthralled looking at the pictures, I sometimes forget to read the words! I love the bottles of ink,... and seeing your pretty dishes that hold your finds (and your tea)! Thanks for sharing ~ I have greatly enjoyed my walk, just what I needed!

The Dutchess said...

Wonderful Thank you..!!


Frances said...

Oh Milly, what beautiful photographs and drawings and paintings you show us here. I also love the way in which you describe the atmosphere during your walks.

You truly do take us with you.

The seaweed is so varied and so lovely...lots of grace in those curves and translucent leaves.

Your painting of the blue shell is quite special. Actually, your entire book is filling up with very special images, each one carrying a memory of how it was found.

Lovely! xo

Claire said...

Gorgeous Milly,I love your beautiful compositions xxx

Debbie Nolan said...

Milly once again your meticulous care for the lovely details of your treasures inspires me. Just beautiful work and photos. Your days get darker just a wee bit earlier than ours...we are at 5:30 now. Will be glad when once again the days grow longer and there is more time to enjoy those wonderful finds that you and I gather. Have a lovely week. Hugs!

Mary said...

So beautiful Eileen - your art, the scenery, your friendly chat about this special place.
Many thanks for sharing - hope life is good.
Hugs - Mary

RH Carpenter said...

Once again I have a virtual trip to the sea with you. What treasures we may find! Thank you for sharing the paintings and photos - the green seaweed looks like it could decorate a mermaid's dress :)

Sarah Morrish said...

So inspiring and magical Milly. I always feel as though I am on the walk with you.

Feathers said...

Oh Milly, the shore where you walk is endlessly fascinating, and you find the most interesting things to paint--from the small red berries, puckered and blackening, and hauntingly lovely skeletal leaves,to the delicate colors in the mussel shell, and not to forget the beauty of the seaweed--such color and grace you captured in that! As always, the photographs you share of your shore with the varying skies and clouds add so much to the whole. Thanks for sharing--I hope you contiue to have occasional good weather to venture out in. :-)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Milly, you certainly have captured the seashore in all its delicate manner. so precise in your detail.. absolutely Beautiful work. and your inspiring seashore spreading out in great expanse is stunning. You do nature justice.

suz said...

thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work and your lovely part of England.