Sunday, 7 December 2014


Expectation. This was the title of a piece of art by Gustav Klimt. It was on the card my daughter sent to me for my birthday. She wrote some lovely words, lots of wishes for me and a message, " Go for all the things you want in life and don't worry what anyone else thinks".

I wonder how I reached this milestone, looking back how quickly the years have passed. Then I realised how grateful I am to be healthy and live in a place I love and have so many good things in my life.

Shortly after my birthday I realised I don't feel any different at all. It is just a number. I expect to carry on doing all the things I love to do and one of them is walking and seeing views like this. Last Sunday we walked across the Marshes and wandered along the board walk. The trees have shed their leaves and we were now able to see this nest, the expert believes it maybe a hawk's nest. If you need help, it is in the centre of picture.

We walked through the marsh across the board walk and then along the footpaths.

Everything has turned brown, the rusty bracken and leaves line the footpaths.

The lovely big oak tree on the edge of the wood looking magnificent with it's out stretched branches. Every last leaf has dropped, making a thick carpet on the ground.

The sun was bright and the views of the hills seemed so crisp and clear. As we wandered through the footpaths in the woods it felt so peaceful. Then a loud scream of a pheasant would break the silence. I stopped to look around and see toadstools and leaves of every colour. I loved the blackberry leaves, lots of beautiful spotted patterns and deep burgundy shades as they turn. They ended up being my choice of things to draw along with some rosehips I collected from that lovely day.

I have been working on this all week, an hour here and there. It is painted in acrylic ink and a number three brush. I wanted to capture what I saw, the ways the edges of the leaves change colour to the deep shades of red, burgundy and the spotted shapes and patterns. They were once green leaves but to me so much more beautiful in this stage of decay.

Drawing capturing the details of the bramble leaves.

The first frosts have had a dramatic effect on the state of the rosehips, some black, others caved in and crumpled like a piece of paper.

I was feeling hungry and took a snack out of my pocket. As I unwrapped my fruit and oats bar the sheep all came rushing towards the fence. I think the rustle of the paper and possibly the smell attracted them, I felt mean eating it with so many hungry eyes looking at me.

Today is so grey and there are hailstones bashing against the windows and icy winds blowing off the shore. It is lovely to see the blue sky in these photographs from last Sunday. All taken by my husband.

My finished page in my square book. And I will just share one of my birthday presents. The lovely stool with my hare drawings, made by Sally's Sporting seats, in the beautiful "Peony and Sage" linen fabric.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my drawings.

Hope you are all keeping warm. I am wearing my warm wool scarf and bird brooch. Sitting by the wood burner and feeling very cosy listening to the wind! weren't expecting a picture of me, where you?

Thank you for all the lovely comments that all of you write and send me by email, I really appreciate them and enjoy reading them. Hope there will be many many more years of Drawings from Nature. Millyx





















sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely photo of you Millie - happy birthday! Congratulations on reaching 60 year milestone! So long since I've visited and as always, such a pleasure to look at your lovely paintings and photos of your beautiful part of the world! Lesley x

Gerry Snape said...

So lovely to come across your work again while on my internet rambles this evening!

Linda said...

Beautiful art and photos!!! :) Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

Valerie Gardiner said...

Belated birthday wishes Molly, isn't it funny how we dread those big birthdays only to realize we're only as old as we feel! Another lovely post, thank you, have a good week.

The Dutchess said...

Wishing you many happy returns of the day ...!!

I always enjoy seeing your art pop up in my bloglist !! Its amazing..YOU GO GIRL !

T.D and Company

RH Carpenter said...

If t were possible to have another 60 years of walking the beaches, finding treasures and committing them to paint and paper, as you do, I would wish you another 60 years of health, happiness, and good vision to carry on! Happy Belated Birthday, Eileen. I so enjoy travelling with you down these roads and paths and country lanes.

Chloe said...

Beautiful paintings as always Milly and I love the stool, scarf and bird brooch!

Belated Birthday wishes :) Our birthdays must be close together, mine was on the 5th of December :)

Sarah Morrish said...

A belated happy birthday Milly and I'm looking forward to many more inspiring blogposts !

Melody said...

Happy Birthday! :)))
I love to picture you painting away happily, all cozy by the wood stove, while hail pelts the window.
I don't think I could have eaten my snack with that many eyes on me! You did create quite a stir there! ha ha ~ love to see your art and scenery! Fabulous! Love your "hare-y" bench! :)))

Feathers said...

Congratulations on your recent birthday! (Lovely message from your daughter)The leaves you've painted are amazing--I agree that in their last stages they are at their most beautiful, even when dry and crumpling (I painted one this very morning myself)Your lovely fabric looks teriffic on the chair- what a perfect gift!
Love sharing your zest for life and appreciation of the natural world.-Anita (on a snowy day in Michigan)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly - Happy belated birthday. You certainly do not look 60. Hope your day was great. I so enjoyed my walk with you too and as always your drawings inspire me. They are so beautiful. Take care and have a great week.

Frances said...

Milly, it's lovely to have the surprise of the portrait photo you as you beautifully reach one of those important birthdays. (Since I am about a decade older than you, I do know about which birthdays seem to be important markers.

Expectation is a wonderful feeling for us. Nature gives us so many reasons, year after year, to renew this sense of expectation.

As someone who is so very glad to consider you a blogging friend, I will tell you how much I still look forward to when we will actually get to meet, share a pot of tea, have some cake, look at and talk about nature.

Another expectation. xo

Dale Pittard said...

Milly, Happy Birthday!!! You are absolutely correct the number does not count, it's how much you enjoyed each and every year...

Such beautiful work as always, I've been trying to use the inks and find it very hard, but not defeated.

Thanks for posting your wonderful works and words!

Enjoy your 60th year! dp

valerie greeley said...

How nice to see a picture of you Milly and to put a face to all those beautiful drawings and many congratulations on reaching your 60th birthday. Now you can do as I did and treat yourself to a Senior Rail Card. Being 60 does have many perks!

HollyM said...

It is fun to see the seasonal changes in another part of the world. And your leaf paintings are so beautiful. I'd like to try the ink sometime. I can't buy it locally though.
I'm wondering how many basic colors I would need.