Tuesday, 7 April 2015


The sun is out and it is a beautiful day. I have been in the garden and the birds are singing so loud, they are enjoying the day too. I hope you all had a lovely Easter.


I had a little display on my kitchen table. A jug of primroses I picked from the garden and some daffodils and my favourite coloured hyacinths called Woodstock. I made a new bag , featuring my hare drawing and the blackberry coloured spots from the peony and sage fabric. I spent all day Saturday making it and it was finished with the perfect coloured button I bought once on holiday. I always find my way into haberdashery shops and I buy bits and pieces, then one day it is just what I need after storing it for several years.


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When I had finished it I was really happy, I brought it downstairs to show the 'interested' husband. He actually likes me sewing, I am quiet for hours and hiding away with my sewing machine. Easter was the perfect time to make a hare bag.

I have lots of flowers out in tubs and around the garden. The birthday present of 60 bulbs is looking and smelling wonderful. My sister planted them last November and on Sunday I picked her a bunch of the sweet smelling daffodils and told her how lovely they are. I have enjoyed watching them grow, the are just outside my kitchen window. Soon the pot of tulips will be out, another 60 bulbs all blooming, what a lovely present they have been. She also gave me the maroon hyacinths wrapped in brown paper.

Now for a tour of some of the flowers in my garden, all taken this afternoon.

Cowslips and the first camellia. Then a few snapshots of my snakehead fritillaries. They are growing at different stages, see the many colours, shades, Chequered patterns and some of them have appeared white ones.





I am going to try and capture some in my drawings as they are so beautiful.

A secret little glimpse of a little chequered pattern of my own. This is the little mouse quilt I made with the elderberry dyed fabrics.

Milly mouse under her elderberry quilt, homemade from elderberries picked along the hedgerows in our village, dyed fabric and hand stitched by me.
The sunshine at this very moment as I say good bye. It is just catching the garden, the midges are waking up and we have seen a butterfly and several big bees collecting pollen from the fritillary. It has been such a warm day for getting out into the garden. Thank you for your comments, for the people who tell me I inspire them to draw and others who tell me it is a nice calm place to visit. A little taste of spring for all of you still waiting
See you soon......Millyx



HollyM said...

Your garden is so beautiful! I can only dream of mine as it is buried still under about 6 feet of snow. I will start some seeds next week.
I love the frittlaria. I don't know if I can get that here.

Pondside said...

What a sweet bag you've made! It is the perfect size for your wrist and the perfect subject for this time of year. It must have been fun to see!
Your sister's gift is beautiful. It has given me an idea for MY sister's birthday which will occur at the end of April and for which she will be away. I think that coming home to a few beautiful pots of annuals igjt make her very happy!

Frances said...

Oh Milly, where to begin with my comments on this beautiful post.

Your mentioning your sister's gift of the spring flower bulbs touched me. In my late Father's last years, I used to give him lots of bulbs for his July birthday gift. They would be delivered and planted in the autumn (and I helped with this some years) and then bloomed the following spring. My Mom still lives in their house and every spring she reports to me about the naturalized daffs.

Your new hare printed little bag is a fine design, and sewn very well.

Fritillaries are magically beautiful. I am not sure that I've ever seen a white one over here in Central Park, and find yours are even more magical than the purple variations. Of course, you will be drawing and painting them.

Although our sunny hours are longer every day, it's still quite chilly over here, so our Central Park signs of spring flowers are at least another week away. I just hope that the weather does not turn warm suddenly, causing a very short blooming time.

The naturally dyed fabric has found a naturally lovely application in the tiny Milly quilt.


Maywyn Studio said...

Hoping you all had a wonderful Easter, Milly
The bag has a lot of charm. The flowers are beautiful. Your photos make spring feels likes its here already (despite the snow).

Gill said...

Your hare bag is gorgeous Milly as is your elderberry quilt!!
I love fritillaries but I can't get them to grow for me, I shall keep trying!

Anna said...

Lovely, interesting post with super photos. Great bag and you always knew you'd use that button!
Enjoy the Spring!

Feathers said...

Lovely to see your spring flowers. Frittlaria is a flower we don't see here--all those bulbs!-Your sister is so thoughtful! Also love the Hare bag you made. So sweet, and the button is perfect. Spring is slower to come here, a few Crocus, and of course the snowdrops, but soon there will be Daffodils. Hugs from across the pond--Anita.

Lucille said...

I like your bag. How lovely to have made it from your own fabric design. 60 bulbs! What a great present. I still have the Fig tree given to me by a clever friend who wrote on the label 'A fig for your fortieth!'. It has moved gardens and thriven in the intervening 21 years. Is that a word?

Acornmoon said...

Milly, what a lot of treats you have for us. I particularly love your sweet little bag, so beautifully made with your own hare design, and that adorable miniature quilt!

suz said...

love your new bag - perfect for Easter! How I envy you your spring flowers - we are just finally getting rid of snow in New Hampshire (even had a snow/ice storm last week!) Still love the little elderberry dyed mouse quilt - so perfect!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly-Your Easter bag is lovely. Just perfect for the season. Great gifts too from your sister. The hyacinths are gorgeous. I think I can almost smell their sweet fragrance. Will be looking forward to seeing your fritillaries drawn and painted. Thank you friend for sharing your gifts of Easter and spring. Have a blessed week. Hugs

Chloe said...

I love the hare bag! It looks like a perfect little pouch for gathering your findings :)