Thursday, 30 April 2015

A Nice Surprise


I had a nice surprise earlier this month as I was the winner of this lovely pack of fabric as a giveaway on Janet's blog . It is sea themed and named "More Hearty Good Wishes" by Janet Clare who makes gorgeous quilts and has a book with this same Title. Since receiving my prize I have been busy designing and making this little quilt. After finished the hand quilting and sewing on the borders it was finished and here it is photographed in the garden today.

My other surprise was this butterfly in the house. I gently carried it outside to let it go, but not before I spent some time Capturing a drawing of her.

Back to the quilt. I set up in front of the upstairs window and that way I could enjoy the views of the shore. As I was cutting, sewing and ironing I would have a break and glance down to the shore. I would watch the tide creep in and out of the estuary as time passed by. As I sewed I would look at the seagulls on the fabric as I would also watch them soaring above in the sky outside. It was such lovely fabric to work with, with designs of Boats and fish and grasses, lighthouses and other related coastal subjects. I loved the colours too of this sea themed fabric range.
I spent lots of enjoyable days with lovely views from my window as I quietly and slowly stitched it. When the sun set I would put it away again.

And then after it was all complete I have my little seaside quilt to treasure.

And it will always remind me of those lovely sunsets and the rainbows that appear
Outside the bluebells are starting to open up and make a sea of blue in the garden.
Inside I have my finished sea quilt.

Guess what turned up in the room as I was sewing one day. It just came and sat on the tissue paper which was wrapped around the spare material. It opened its wings and flapped and fluttered on the window sill. I opened the window but it never left, it kept me company for several days. Perhaps a lucky charm.

And the rainbows made me smile, as they magically shone on my quilt ,.....moments later gone.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my sewing.

Thank you for visiting and for the comments which I always enjoy reading.
See you soon, Millyx


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

I wish I had your talent for sewing.
It is just beautiful! And I love the butterfly

Chloe said...

Oh what a beautiful quilt :) And lovely to read about your working on it, there is something special about slowly stitching a piece of textile work. Exquisite butterfly too :)

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful quilt! I so admire anyone who can stitch this way. I fear I'm too impatient for it. And funny how the butterfly came and then again, or another, to visit for so long...have a wonderful weekend.

Frances said...

Milly, how wonderful that even when you were indoors for some time, creating that beautiful quilt, nature sent some of its beauty inside to visit with you.

Those butterflies have heard tell of your fabulous drawings and paintings and wanted to sit for their portraits. That's what I think.

I could also picture you by your window, with its marvelous view, pausing in your stitching to take another peek at the shore, the birds, the light.

A marvelous post! xo

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Milly-such a lovely surprise. You did a wonderful job with it too. How appropriate it was a sea theme since you live so close to the water. I love your visitor. The drawing was gorgeous. What a great opportunity to sketch this fella up close. Hope you have a wonderful day. Think of you and your walks when I discover treasures on mine. Yesterday found a small feather and a broken bird shell while I was out and about. Think I will follow your example and do a drawing or two.

Sharon Weizenbaum said...

Hi Milly I am a long time follower of your blog and have purchased some of your art in the past.. I am wondering if you could ever post a video of you working. I would so love to watch your process. You are so inspiring! Please? Maybe you already have some video? If so, can you direct me to it?

Thanks so much

yours, Sharon

MILLY said...

Sharon, I will see if I can get something organised and make a video of me working. Thank you.

suz said...

how lovely that quilt is and how wonderful to have that little visitor!

Diana said...

Gorgeous quilt Milly, and the way you describe and write gives me such peace. You are talented in so many ways, dear friend. Love to you,Diana

Melody said...

I love to see what you are up to.... always makes me want to rush home and create something!! ~ but for now, I am happy to soak up the pretty sights right here!
Happy Day to you! :)))))