Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Sometimes you watch a stone thrown into the water.

First the splash. Then the circle as the ripples grow and grow.


Then moments later it is gone. I have ideas like that, an idea to do something and it grows and grows and then it is gone because I never found the time to follow it through.

I have been busy in the garden. It is Autumn and there are lots of jobs that need doing. Just as I was finishing off , tidying away the tools and sweeping up I saw this pale moth creep out of the leaves. I thought I must draw it, because sometimes that is how it works, a gift from nature. I captured it with a dip in pen and used my own homemade oak gall ink that I made last year or the year before.


I like moths. I like my pincushion, carved in soft Lino and printed on linen and stuffed with sheep wool I collected off the shore.


One evening we walked on the shore and sat down by the waters edge. The sky was so pretty, pastel colours and it was so peaceful and still. The sheep were on the other side of the tidal river and as they walked along I captured their reflections in the water.


And the pink clouds. It was a magical evening.


I could have stayed there for ever watching the clouds.


As we wandered back to the railway station the moon was out.



So many things I see and find on this shore inspire me. Each and Every striped feather I collect is beautiful. I have been carving an egg in the Lino and printing myself another New tea towel. I made it completely from start to finish. First I cut and sewed the natural linen into a teatowels, then printed six eggs in a row with my carved eggs, all printed by hand with fabric paint. It worked out beautifully.

Sometimes it takes me a long while to get around to capturing my finds. Meanwhile nature carries on changing and decomposing and the snails helped as they ate the berries too. So sometimes it all adds to a more interesting subject.


And let's put them together as they were captured on the same day in the same homemade ink. A postcard of the Moth and the eaten Lords and lady red berries. Sometimes things just seem to work on the same page, a memory of my day.


Each time I create I start with an idea and fill an empty space with something new and made by me. A bit like the Sky that evening, shapes magically formed to fill the space ....right over the top of my house.

Miles away from each other yet sharing the same things like the moon. Lately it surprised me in the early morning.


And now as I press "post" my blog will ripple around the world . I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more of my world.

Sometimes I just have to capture the sunset and share it with everyone else. I hope everyone is well and enjoying this time of the year as much as I am.

Thank you for your comments, I love to read them, and appreciate you taking the time to write. See you soon. Millyx




Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. So beautiful!

Frances said...

Now here is a lovely coincidence, Milly.

I returned in early evening via subway from a downtown meeting. When I emerged from the subway station and waited for the Walk light to cross Broadway, I looked up, as I often due in this rather open-for-NYC sky view and just marveled at the heavy,mostly grey, cumulous clouds that each had their upper puffs colored a gorgeous peachy pink from the sun beginning its setting. The open sky was stile a love pale blue.

Milly, I was so entranced that I missed the walk sign and had to wait through another traffice control cycle. It was wonderful.

Back to your post. I enjoyed every word and picture. So much more to tell you, but these blog comment boxes can only hold so much.


Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful post and photographs.
The moth is beautiful.
I saw that Moon! lol

HollyM said...

I know just what you mean about ideas that grow like ripples and then ate gone. Creative minds are full.
I love your tea towel with the stamped eggs.
Those feathers are beautiful. Do you know the bird?
I am fascinated by lots of winged things and will draw them. I have to admit moths creep me out even though I try not to be. The drawing is beautiful.

RH Carpenter said...

I loved the photos, especially the sheep on the other side of the stream/river with reflections. And your work on the moth and the other natural bits...all so beautifully rendered and done. You put so much into your works, whether it's making the oak gall ink or dying the natural linen and sewing, cutting the lino blocks...a gift to everyone who follows your blog! Have a wonderful autumn weekend :)

Acornmoon said...

Your fabric creations are inspired, it must be a joy to know you have made them from scratch. There is a lovely sense of calm in your images, the skies and the tidal waters induce relaxation and reflection. It goes without saying how much I enjoy your drawings.

Deborah Nolan said...

Oh Milly- just beautiful photos- word's- and art. There is always a feeling of such peace when I visit. So glad you took time to share your gorgeous sunsets. Hugs Debbie

Anja Essler said...

Wow, what an amazing photo: the sheep with their reflections.... W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L

Claire said...

Lovely work Milly, you always inspire me to use inks more. I'm hoping to collect some oak galls to make some ink!! Just not enough time xx