Sunday, 16 February 2020

After the Storms.

the view from my garden of the high tide.

I guess it is not news to you all that we have been battered by two different storms during the past two weekends.  It has caused flooding.  So sad for all of the people who have had their homes flooded and damaged by the rising rivers breaking their banks and  all the heart break and upset it causes. I am sat listening to the wind roaring and watching as yet another high tide is on the way to cover our seashore. 

The  railway line is a few feet away from being flooded.
  I feel very grateful to be warm and safe. As the sea rushes into the estuary you see the force of the water with the wind behind it. Last weekend all the trains were cancelled because of the danger.  Day after day we have had such tides and the land and fields are waterlogged.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon drawing by the window looking out onto the grey gloomy weather.
my drawing of the found piece of china from the shore by Eileen Postlethwaite 
I am recording some of the blue and white china pieces that were found on my shore walks.
After such storms the rough sea water batters and erodes the sand bankings and reveals forgotten and hidden remains from a past life. I have collected so many and yet each time I find a new piece it gives me such joy.  The little pieces always have such interesting patterns and it really feels like I have a box of treasure.  The most exciting part for me in this drawing is that this is my own handmade ink made from flowers,  a secret for the moment.  I  was amazed  to make a blue ink and  thrilled to be able to draw my found china with it.
my tools along with the blue ink I made by Eileen Postlethwate 
I carefully sketched the china piece with a pencil and then used the dip- in pen with a fine nib and painted with an equally fine paint brush.  My own Blue ink. The Perfect Colour for the china.
Nearly completed hand drawn with my own ink  by Eileen Postlethwaite
I have recorded lots of lovely pieces  but it is still a work in progress.  My Project started with my  homemade book with drawings in my own inks.  All made from natural plants and objects found by me.
 It has been a slow process drawing but I am really happy how its looking and growing into a great project. It is almost a year since I started by making the handmade book, the inks and drawing my finds.  It is definitely a labour of  Love and so rewarding to think I did it all.  My eyes do not always thank me with the slow detailed work dip by dip and today I have stained blue fingers.

So a feast for the eyes is seeing the snowdrops and daffodils flowering.

 I have two blue glass vases each growing a beautiful blue scented hyacinth that greets you each morning.  A bulb teased into growing as its roots drink up the water in the jar and  they remind me of a jelly fish with the long white roots dangling.  I can see so many new spring shoots and signs of more colour in the garden as old and  new bulbs put down their roots.
A new find  By Eileen Postlethwaite
A new piece of china found on our recent walk. When we saw some blue sky and sunshine!
  It is good to walk and feel the cool breeze and blow away the cobwebs.
leave your foot prints in the sloppy sand.  
Wander home after a lovely walk as the sun goes down.

                                      A glance back to where you were as the sun sets

 Hope this finds every one safe and well. thank you for your comments  I Would  love to hear 
what are you drawing or making at this time of year.     Bye for now. x. Milly 
See you soon.

 Eileen Postlethwaite .all photographs and drawings by Eileen Postlethwaite.
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Debbie Nolan said...

Eileen your drawings of the old china are just lovely. Your project sounds just wonderful - I have been thinking on making some black walnut ink next year...we have many that grow on our property. You are inspiring me. Sad to read about people being flooded...we too have had floods here in our country this winter. Your snowdrops and daffodils are such a welcome sight...afraid it will be several more weeks here before we see those same blooms. In the meantime I am going to enjoy yours. Have a wonderful week. Hugs!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Beautiful drawings! The color you've achieved in your ink is is a very lovely blue. I'm glad your home is on high ground.
Winter here in Vermont is being winter when it isn't trying to be spring. Freezing then warmer is the case this year.

HollyM said...

How wonderful to make your own ink that matches the China. It’s a very special project you’ve undertaken. Here in northern NB we are still buried under feet of snow.

Melody said...

I'm of course intrigued by your blue ink ~ and those are some fabulous pottery bits you have found! I've been sewing up miniature books~ to make teeny sketches in! Making "paint" from rocks... and learning to spin on my new spinning wheel! Glad you are on a hill, the flooding looks terrible!! :(( Happy February~ Melody :)

RH Carpenter said...

A beautiful blue ink! And lovely drawings/paintings. I do hope spring is kind to you and no more floods.

laura said...

What a wonderful find your china pieces are: your drawings of them are just lovely, delightful.
I live by the shore as well (though I never find such pretty china bits!), and I hope that you are spared further flooding.