Tuesday, 14 August 2007


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I love seahorses and am always fascinated by them. I have two specimens, both bought on holiday at Malta. I love drawing them , love the shape and patterns. I know they are even more beautiful when they are alive and swimming in the sea, although I have only seen them once at a sea world. My drawing is in pencil.


Frances said...

Hello Milly,
Thank you for your comment on my "intense" day. I am so happy to say that so far my week off is very relaxing.
Yesterday, I actually began a new oil painting of a very old blue and white transfer patterned tea cup and saucer. This is the first oil painting I have done in ... years. Gradually my hand and my eyes will connect!
It is also great getting re-connected with lots of friends which whom I have not spent nearly enough time in the past year.
I have been lunching, gallery-going, reading, movie-going, just making each day up as I go along.
I am trying to stretch out these seven days. And will then try to find some more time off to continue what I have started.
Your seahorse, poppy and sharpened pencil drawings are so fine. Great that AnnaK could actually get to your exhibition. I do envy her.
I will try to write again later in the week.

CrumpledPaperbirds said...

Milly,this sea horse is beautiful!!!
I'm drawn to sea creatures too. I love sea horses and coral fish. I think I'll have to draw some soon:)
Thank you for your comments*


Computerarte said...

I think the same about the seahorses, they are very fascinating especimens. Great work!

brian nelson said...

Awesome! What a great drawing!

mrana said...

This is so beautiful and delicately done, I love your recent drawings!!

Felicity said...

I was going to comment on your lovely basket but this seahorse caught my eye - I just love seahorses! This is wonderful and it must have been a joy to draw!