Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pencil seedhead

I was in the garden and collected some really beautiful poppy seed heads. Then I discovered one which just looks like a little bird cage. The main structure of the seedhead all but disappeared except for the delicate ribs and the top circular fluted piece. It is like a piece of sculpture.
It reminded me of a drawing I did for my exhibition of a big fat chunky poppy seed head, and here it is. It is drawn with a HB pencil. I have this framed picture but have not looked at it for a while. It was nice to peel back the brown wrapping paper and discover this drawing. I remember sitting and drawing it in a different chair, the light coming from the right side. I always try to draw with the light coming from my left side. As I am right handed the shadows don't get in the way.
I liked the finished result. Hope you do.


Lucille said...

I do. And I love your cards! Such a lovely word verification today - it's 'wings' just like your sycamore seeds.

Carolina said...

I do too :)
It's lovely, and as a biologist, I'm thrilled to see a 'specimen' like this so well drawn. We don't get to see poppies around here, they're very rare.
Best regards,

Frances said...

Hello Milly,

I am deep into my Christmas card painting, and have been thoroughly enjoying that painting and some other Christmas gift craft projects.

Your drawing is beautiful, and I am thinking that it could be a beautiful silver pin, or perhaps a lovely design for some elegant lamp.

Nature never fails to supply the very best design in the world.


Pomona said...

I certainly do - and it's lovely to find beauty in the wreckage of the winter garden.

Pomona x

acornmoon said...

Your cards arrived and they are a treasure, I keep getting them out to admire!

I hear that you are having terrible weather, I hope you have battened down the hatches.

Tammie Lee said...

This is wonderful Milly. You show off the enchanting structure beautifully.

kampinga said...

It's beautiful. I love poppies, the flowers, and the seedheads - love the sound they make. Tiny rattles.

Jans Gourds said...

Good Eye, it takes an artist with apreciation of nature at its best and at its last, to see the true beauty. Love the drawing. I have something that I came up with too. It is a bud from a magnolia tree and it looks like a primitive paintbrush. I just love discovering what nature has to offer in the way of models for our art work in any form.

Meggie said...


acornmoon said...

I have given your blog a little mention on my site. I hope it meets with your approval!