Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Little Shoots

We went for a ride out and ended up at Kendal. I didn't feel like shops so we walked the footpath by the river. A sandwich and cup of tea from the kiosk and we sat by the river watching the seagulls fly around hoping for some scraps. Ducks swam around on the river, pigeons and starlings walk around the seats looking for any left overs. It was good to sit in the fresh air and watch. We wandered along to a little park and enjoyed the little stroll looking at the allotments just over the fence, some gardening activity and chatting by the owners. The trees were bare and the grass looked wet and muddy, the park seats looked damp. So we just wandered until I stopped to look up at a really large tree with huge spreading branches. It was a beautiful old tree, no leaves to give a clue of what it was. Then I saw the seeds on the grass, so went to collect some. They were a really large version of the "helicopter" seeds, with a flattish end. They all seemed to be standing up right, then as I picked them up I realised why. Tiny green shoots were rooting into the soil and making them all stand up. I collected lots to bring home and draw. I examined them at home, realising the end was split open to allow the green shoot to grow. As I tugged at the shoot, out fell the seed. Two seeds from one of the largest, shaped to fit the middle of the page. It is really fascinating to think this huge tree started off as one of these little seeds. I will check back when the leaves appear to try and identify it, seems to belong to the Maples looking at my tree book.

Thank you for the lovely comments, I am feeling better. I have been painting the seeds with acrylic paint and my trusty number 6 sable brush, another page in my square book. Hope you like them. It snowed today, lightning and hail yesterday, poor spring flowers are getting a battering.


acornmoon said...

I did not know that you had been ill Milly, we have been waging war with a virus which has laid us low.
It sounds as though you are on the mend now, well enough to carry on with your gem of a book.

We have had hail today, I love England but there are days when I long for warmer climes!

It is fascinating to think that a tree can grow from a tiny seed.

Carol Creech said...

These are beautiful, Milly! I love that you found them standing up because they were sprouting. Very cool! I like that your drawing includes the seeds, too.

Tammie said...

your drawings are wonderful and honor these seeds beautifully. I recently was taking photos of light coming through seeds that look very much like these. My friend said they are mountain maple. It sounds like you did a fine job of identifying it.

Carolina said...

Hi Milly!
This is a 'juicy' post. First, thank you for that walk description, that was fantastic and relaxing, I closed my eyes and could see the ducks, that was really nice!
And then of course the painting that is adorable (those helicopters look like colorful wings, very lovely), and, last but not least, the shoots! I have never seen these seeds germinate, this is really fascinating. Thank you for showing that :)
Good to hear you're doing fine.
Warm regards,

PS: the word for the word verification is 'cusco', what a nice coincidence :)

Pondside said...

i can just imagine the feeling of discovery when you pulled on the helicopter to find that it had rooted - I love those little surprises.
I'm glad to read that you're feeling better. I hope the warming weather (well, I hope the weather is warming!) will bring continued good health.

Ann said...

That is so interesting, I have never noticed those helicopter seeds taking root, what a wonderful find! Your painting of them is fabulous! I always admire the way you compose the page.

Swan Artworks said...

Hello Milly,
I haven't commented before but I love the whole painting of things found thing you have.
I used to love gathering things from long walks (before children!) fossils, feathers and bones, river pebbles etc... I must start doing it more often again...
I've really enjoyed your blog for some while, and I have finally decided to try doing one of my own and would love it if you found time to take a glance sometime?
Hope you don't mind!
Happy Easter!

Raining Acorns said...

Have been away, so much to catch up on--your wonderful snail and the helicopter seeds. Colds are a right old bore; glad you are on the mend--and it seems the weather has improved as well. Snow and hail! Enough of that, yes?

Delila Jemaiel said...

Eileen,reading your woodland adventures make me feel, that i would be there with you collecting all these treasures of nature!


Lucille said...

I have never seen this type of seed germinating either. What a fascinating find. Somewhat like sycamores but bigger I suppose.