Saturday, 27 March 2010

Slow Pace

Life has been rather slow lately. I have had a really rotten cold and my head has felt like it didn't belong to me. I have been forced to slow down and just let it run its course. I haven't been feeling myself all week and not able to draw or even read blogs.
I felt like I was a snail, slowly moving around feeling very delicate, curling up on the sofa with my pounding head. I will spare you all the details ! When I finally woke up Friday morning and I could breath, didn't need the box of tissues, could bend my head felt like bliss.
I really missed not drawing. I sat and looked through a few of my sketchbooks and old drawings. Then I found this snail I did with black ink pens and thought that is how I feel. It was done a while ago. As the temperature warms up the snails that are hibernating in the cracks in the wall, in plantpots and in the hedges will all wake up. I like seeing them in the garden, watching them move around, walking up the walls, hanging over the edges of the plantpots and even creeping into my kitchen. As you know I like collecting and drawing their empty shells.
Hope you like it.


Needle Woven Studio said...

Hi Milly ~ sorry to hear you've been feeling icky with a cold - glad you're on the mend ~!~ your snail drawing is just beautiful - I've always had a very special fondness for snails. Take good care~

Carol Creech said...

Milly - I just love this! The snail shell reminds me of the seashells I have and the patterns on them. Gorgeous in black and white. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better - we are working on another round of colds in our house and I will be ecstatic when I can breathe better and smell again! :)

kampinga said...

Oh that's beautiful.. How wonderfully caught, in black and white.
Stay well..!

Pequete said...

It is a beautiful drawing! I'm glad your feeling better, just take it slowly!

Ann said...

So sorry you are not feeling well. I have been suffering with a cold/flu bug all week too. And feeling exactly like your snail, only not nearly as pretty!

Frances said...

Milly, I do hope that you will continue to recover from that cold, at whatever speed your body chooses!

I often feel that I am required to move about at a speed that truly does not suit me.

Probably each of us, snails included, have some natural motion that keeps us going at our best.

Best wishes to you as spring continues to turn on its annual show. xo

Michelle Palmer said...

Glad you're feeling better, Milly! If only our backyards connected... the treasures we would share!
LOVE your snail... your illustrations are treasures~
Someday we hope to travel... I will bring a pocketful of goodies to you!
Hope you have a sunny day~

Pondside said...

Good morning, Milly. I was just thinking of you yesterday, so you can imagine my pleasure to open the computer this morning and see that you'd posted.
I'm sorry to hear that you've been unwell. I had to smile, though, at your pleasure on waking up to be able to breathe freely - we've all felt that particular relief after a cold!
I like your snail very much. Snails, slugs, frogs, newts are all very much on my mind these days as the great spring re-birth happens. The chorus of frogs in the pond outside my bedroom window is such a treat as I fall asleep each night!
Stay healthy!

Pomona said...

It's the most beautiful drawing - hope you feel much better soon.

Pomona x

Carolina said...

Hi Milly,
It's a really lovely drawing. I'm sorry for you and the cold, I'm so glad you are fine now. I can understand what you mean about feeling like a snail :)
Take care and warm regards,

Lucille said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. How wretched to get ill just as Spring seems to be making a determined effort to show up.

jane minter said...

hope you are starting to feel brighter ... wonderful snail milly