Saturday 19 February 2011

Week 7

I thought I would let you see my initial pencil sketch and then the beginning of the painting with my number one sable brush and using acrylic inks. By the time I have finished the seaweed has shrunk, becoming dry and changing in both size and colour.

I can hardly believe it is Saturday again, the week has flown by. This collection was found last week on a calm fine day. It was cold on the shore and very wet every where after both rain and high tides. The bulk of items washed up were in a state of decomposition and a bit smelly too.
In my search for something to draw I was instantly happy with the mussel shell encrusted with Barnacles, yes, straight into my bag. Lots of seaweed rotting and long past its best and tangled up feathers and grasses and leaves all were dismissed. I did collect little snail shells and some red berries and two mermaid purses. Then I found this piece of greeny coloured seaweed with white circular shapes, which I have researched and found it is tubes of Bristle worm. You can also see larger white tubes on the Mussel shell. I do not really want to get into all the naming as it is the drawing I am more interested in.
They were a perfect match for a drawing and with the curly shape at the base of the seaweed, one of the snail shells was always going to feature there with a lovely spiral pattern. This was so nice to draw, lots of detail which I love and I am really happy how it has turned out. Only one page of my book, it was perfect as it was. I played around at adding more but sometimes you just have to leave things as they are.
I suspect the mussel and seaweed have some age, for the barnacles to have grown. If that is true then I hope my older specimens have been well treated, I certainly spent a lot of time with them. Hope you like them.
I am just going to collect my week 8 finds. The tide is so high and completely covering the shore with no green grass to be seen. I wonder what I am going to find ?
Thank you for your lovely comments. Time to have a little Giveaway.
Leave a comment and I will pick a winner from all the names, next Saturday 26th February.
A small drawing of something from the sea shore will be the Giveaway prize.


Posie said...

Gorgeous colours Milly, and so delicate. What intricate work, the seaweed almost resembles delicate lace. I look forward to your high tide finds!!

Pondside said...

That was an odd message, Milly. Was it from Blogger?
Another beautiful drawing from the sea - I love them all.

martinealison said...

Vos créations en font un herbier magnifique de la mer... Très précieux et délicat... Vous êtes notre Pierre-Joseph Redouté de la mer...
Bisous et bon weekend.

Dan said...

Hi Milly
The barnacle encrusted mussel makes an excellent subject, doesn't it?
I didn't come across any warning messages when I enlarged the pictures.
Fingers crossed for the giveaway, I'd love one of your seashore-inspired pictures.

Susan Scheid (Raining Acorns) said...

The intricacy of this piece is astounding, and you give us so many gifts in addition: the phases of creation, both in word and image. I enjoyed also that, while you offered us a naming in "Bristle worm," you were quick to add "I do not really want to get into all the naming as it is the drawing I am more interested in." I agree: whatever the name to begin with, you've made it your own, a marvelous work of art, and that is why I look forward to your drawings with such delight.

Melody said...

I love the details in your work ~ each little barnicle, leaf or pottery shard always gets the proper attention... makes a girl smile! :)

Diana said...

So beautiful Milly, I esp. love the shell with the barnacle ! It's gorgeous the way you captured it. Diana

Dreaming Woods said...

I can not wait to see you Eileen and see you drawing these beautiful drawings!!! and maybe collect nature treasures on our walks!


Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

I love the barnancled mussel shell, it makes such an interesting intricate painting and works really well with the seaweed.
And again its great to see your work in process with all your materials...
I'm looking forward to seeing what you find this week...!
Carrie :)

p.s. the word verification is 'Luslych' which just sounds like it should be a kind of seaweed... whatever it is its a great word!

sandie said...

Your blog is a new discovery for me, and I think your artwork is beautifully observed and truly captures the wonder of the natural world - looking forward to seeing more !

wandering said...

What beautiful colours.. That mussel must have been around a good while, to have all those barnacles! I was always fascinated by them, as a child - never could quite believe that something was alive in there..

Carol Creech said...

Hi Milly,

These drawings are gorgeous! I love the details and the colors. Spectacular. I am really enjoying your weekly finds and drawings. Thanks!

Diane said...

I had decided to leave a comment this week since you said last week you enjoy reading them. So please don't think I am only writing because of the giveaway.
I am amazed at your lovely and meticulous drawings/paintings. What an inspiration you are for me. Your drawings include everything I love; fine lines, color and nature. And it is always a pleasure reading your posts that accompany the pictures.

Felicja said...

Girl you ROCK!! This looks so real and amazing