Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Week 51

Here is my page for week 51.  At a very busy time of the year I planned to take my walk on Sunday.  It worked out fine, the dinner was busy cooking in the oven, everything prepared for our Christmas meal so we took ourselves down to the shore.  It was a grey gloomy dark day and a very high tide in the morning so we knew it would be wet.  So out of our good clothes and we dressed for the shore in waterproof, windproof and warm clothes and our wellies.  I was glad to see others out walking their dogs  and looking equally well wrapped up and we waved and exchanged our Christmas greetings.  I had a small collecting bag, as I decided to limit myself to one page. It was really hard as I found so many things that I would happily draw.  It was very apparent to me that it was Christmas as I found holly, ivy and fir branches amongst the tide line.  The little branch with the two cones was the first of my finds to go into my bag. I guess they blow about and end up on the shore, some are left overs or blown from bushes but it seemed very festive.  I found red berries but I wanted to see how many had still managed to stay clinging to the Hawthorn tree on the shore and couldn't resist snapping off a little branch which appears on my page.  The leaf I chose is a Laurel and the brown spots influenced that choice.   The red Hawthorne berries are suffering in the weather and you can see the contrast of the bright red berry which is all smooth, red and shiny like brand new!

My bag of finds, the leaf and red berry can be seen.
We walked along to the boulders and to the shore where I searched for finds. I did not enjoy the sloppy wet sand as my feet slip and slide, but I did find the sea weed with the barnacles and some pretty pink shells.
The shore was very wet,  the banks show more evidence of erosion and the sea water has left large puddles and flooded areas on the grassy shore.  The high tide had reached the railway fence again as it left behind the wavy bank of tangled grass and objects.  I had enough in my bag  but you know I can not leave the mermaids purses,  they will keep for another drawing.   We saw the swan earlier but only found a few of her soft white feathers blowing in the breeze, she had gone again. 

 As we turned to walk back to the railway station we saw a familiar character,  Bare footed John out for a run.  He stopped to chat, then off he went with his trusty running companion, his dog. Yes he was bare footed.  We returned home to the delicious smell of the turkey, we enjoyed our Christmas meal.  My page had to be completed over the next three days in little pockets of time between  other things.  But at last it is finished and I really like it.
work in progress .

The finished page and the real objects

The piece of china was a little find by my husband, an unexpected gift so I had to add it.  Painted as usual with my acrylic inks and a fine sable brush and I used a black ink pen for the lower thin stem of the black sea weed.   Hope you like it. 
I did intend to post more photographs but Blogger is not helping tonight!
Hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations and had a lovely time with family and friends.
Next week My 52th week and I will have completed the whole year...So I will have a little giveaway.
See you soon.   Millyx



beautiful christmas find the little piece of china added at the bottom will come back to see 52 weeks milly !!! wishing you and your family a very happy new year ...

martinealison said...

A l'aube de cette année 2012 je vous renouvelle mes voeux afin que tout sois possible y compris le bonheur...
Une très jolie publication... J'imagine que vous deviez être bien de rentrer à la maison avec la bonne odeur de la dinde... Après une matinée aussi vivifiante rien de mieux!
Gros bisous à vous et continuez de nous enchanter.

Kay said...

that little bit of broken blue and white makes the picture...i love those little bits of cast offs you find..the last photo on this post is wonderful...will you start again on week 1??? xx

Frances said...

Week 51 shows us all how beauty can be found in many shapes, designed by nature. Thank you, Milly, for taking another walk in less than ideal weather, along your always generous shoreline.

What treasures you, and your husband, found! I really enjoyed clicking on the painting to see the enlarged version. This page is really a triumph.

I think that all throughout this year, you have encouraged us all to take a better look at the nature that surrounds each of us, noticing all the grace, subtle color, magnificent harmony. You've given us a gift every week!

Many thanks. xo

Gill said...

As usual a beautiful picture!
Your account reminds me how different the weather was this time last year!

Pondside said...

I love how the sea offered up such bounty at Christmas time.
Congratulations as you head to the completion of your big project. I've enjoyed your work and your words a lot this year. I look forward to seeing what's in the book for 2012!

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Beautiful walks and beautiful treasures. Love seeing your bounty portrayed each week - gosh it's nearly week 52!! Very best wishes to you for a wonderfully inspirational year ahead - yours has been a lovely getaway for me to travel to in your blog.

Dan said...

It's been fascinating to see your pictures throughout the year. I can't believe it's almost at an end!
I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and wish you a very happy new year.

Mary said...

Eileen, as always, a beautiful post of your walk and finds on that chilly day. Love this page with the addition of the fragment of china.

Looking forward to week 52 - but wondering what you will treat us to in 2012! Are you going to continue amazing us non-artists with your talent? I hope so.

Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year dear friend. I will always recall our two brief but enjoyable meetings with you and Delila this year - hopefully another year will allow me to come back and spend more time in your beautiful area of England.

Hugs from Bob and me.

Ruth said...

Happy New Year to you!
Again your drawings have been inspirational and not just to me, many children in our class loved and were inspired by your work earlier in the year. So thank you.
Best wishes

Michelle Palmer said...

Wishing you a wonderful New Year! Filled with sweet creative finds~ for more of your lovely illustrations :)

Happy 2012!

Susan Scheid said...

A beautiful page. I love the way the seaweed dances, and that bit of pottery, the perfect addition. Happy New Year, Milly!

Sarah Melling said...

I stop by often, but don't always comment..just want to wish you a happy new year, and thank you for your lovely such a treat to share your nature walks with you. I love that your Christmas day finds were so appropriately festive. And your husband did well...that bit of china is a lovely addition to the page!

Acornmoon said...

Milly, your book must be nearing completion?

So many of us start a year with good intentions and give up on them but you have diligently and lovingly carried on your project right through the twelve months. That is a wonderful achievement and an inspiration to us all.

I feel your excitement as we approach week 52!

Happy New Year to you x

suz said...

Lovely page ... I like the little piece of china, it's a nice surprise for the page. I've learned a lot from these drawings over the year - mermaid's purses are now a favorite of mine!