Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The first day of June

Today in the rain my first red poppy burst open. There are twelve big fat buds to go. It was my highlight of today to see that flower as the rain lashed against the windows.
I took this photograph at 9pm last night. It was very dramatic with huge clouds building up ready for the stormy weather we experienced today.
So the first day of June has certainly made its mark.
And what of May?
I loved the blues of May. I came home with a little blue egg, a single bluebell and a little stem of violets.

We had a lovely deep blue sky as the cherry blossom started to open.



My fritillary crop was amazing and I did manage to draw some flowers which I am very pleased with because they didn't seem to last long. I am glad I walked down the garden each day and enjoyed their elegant shapes and marvelled at the patterns. It seems a long way off until I see them again, one my favourite flowers.


I picked some flowers from the garden and placed them on a sheet of paper. I used to do this each year and put them into my flower press. I guess I draw them instead.


I have been seeing so many of these patterns on the leaves. It took a while to discover who was making them but I found out eventually with a bit of research. I love seeing them just as I see the silvery snail tracks on paths and along the stone walls.


And another thing keeping me busy is the Lords and Ladies. They seemed to be growing everywhere and guess what, the wet weather has totally devastated them. Hopefully I can still find some good specimens that grow on to form the berries. I have been drawing in sepia ink with a dip in pen and captured some lovely specimens.

Talking of sepia, it reminds me of my beautiful hare drawings on the linen fabric For Peony and Sage. I made my friend her birthday present in May using this fabric. She was delighted with not one

But two Hare cushions.

I am particularly pleased with how popular this fabric seems to be. I remember sitting drawing the two hares with a fine paint brush and little pot of sepia ink, this sitting hare and the leaping hare, producing my original drawings that became the beautiful fabric.

It has been used by many people and I have seen cushions, lampshades, chairs, pin boards, bags, book covers, blinds and whatever people have made, my hare drawings always look amazing.

At this time of bird nesting and eggs I was inspired to make myself a new tea towel. I carved the eggs and hand printed them onto a piece of fabric and sewed it into my tea towel. I love working like this, my original drawings and patterns carved into soft Lino and hand printed carefully by me, then sewing the teatowel and enjoying using it in my kitchen, an authentic piece of creativity. I recommend it to others, to know you made it. A simple and honest piece of work that you look at and be proud that You did it all.

My little sepia study of the violet. I have been working with a fine nib and sepia ink sat at the kitchen table and every so often taking a break and watching the birds in the garden. My usual drawing style, to capture every detail as I like to draw from something I found myself. I only ever draw by hand, every mark and every line slowly formed.
It means I can recognise my own work, just like my hand writing it holds my signature. I know my own drawings, even if it was some time ago. It is simple really, when you spend time really drawing something it stays in your memory and you know it is truly your hand that created it.

The steam train passed through our village on Saturday. I left what I was doing and wandered down to the station to watch it. The oak leaf is part of a collection from the shore, it is going to take a while to finish and I was ready for a break so the train was a good excuse to pack up for the day. It seems my love of oak leaves continues. I like drawing them and to know my work is unique to me, no one will draw the oak leaves the same as my hand does.

The train was lovely to watch as it made its way around the estuary and billowed smoke from the engine. A lovely moment as happy people looked out of the many carriages and waved as they passed by.

You have to catch the moments, they make your memories.

And so the first of June will be the day the poppy burst and cheered up this gloomy grey day. Everything in the garden is growing so fast with all this rain.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of what I have been doing during May.

Thank you for your comments which I enjoy reading. Hope the sun is going to shines for us all in June. Millyx

All photographs taken by me, Eileen Postlethwaite who owns Copyright of all art work and writing. All rights reserved.

Please stop using my work for links to advertise your business.




Feathers said...

It's always a joy to find a new posting from you--and knowing how much you enjoy new flowerings as well as dry and spent leaves, berries, stones, shells and all else you capture to share with us. How happy your friend must have been to receive the two pillows you made from your own fabric design! (Priceless!) Loved the idea of the hand carved eggs you printed for a tea towel. You are right about using things you have made with your own hands. It's a pleasure not brought by something bought in a store. Spring is finally here as well, bringing the joy of birds returned from warmer climes, and my poppies (and more) are beginning to share their fleeting beauty with us. Watching each type of bloom first open, then fade--such a bitter-sweet feeling, as I know it only brings us closer to the next winter, which I do truly love as well, but it's only Spring yet, and memories of ice and snow have not dimmed yetfor me. A side note-- It does make me a little sad to see that some people do not honor your request regarding your creatice images from your blog. It's hard to imagine a person being so rude.(but then, I've been accused of being a "polyanna". :-) Hugs from across the pond-Anita.

Maywyn Studio said...

Beautiful work.
Your blog has such an easy style of writing, the word "slow" doesn't scare me like it use. Fine detail drawings take patience.
Have a Happy Productive June!

Frances said...

Good morning Milly. I've missed seeing posts from you, and so it was a particularly sweet treat to find this one, full of the beauty of May.

I completely agree with you about alwys being able to recognize my own work, and find it maddening that anyone would steal your artwork for their own purposes. Very bad news.

Now...back to nature. Every one of your phtographs tells a story, with a large variety of colors, all beautiful. When I saw the field of fritilaries, I wanted to let you know I've recently read Esther Freud's Mr Mac and Me, which contains many wonderfully imagined descriptions of C M Mackintosh observing, drawing and painting nature. I think you'd enjoy the book.

You've reminded me again of the potential of linoprinting on fabric. Note to self: acquire some soft lino and ink. Think I have other equiptment around here somewhere. Your blue egg is so lovely.

I would also have stopped work to have a good look at the steam engine. Wow!

Our very dry month of May finished up with lots of rain, that continued into June and really cooled the city down. Sweater weather has returned for a while.

Milly, this post was a joy to see! xo

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

J'ai passé un excellent moment en votre compagnie... J'ai admiré votre coquelicot ! Une fleur qu'on pense fragile mais qui est très résistante compte tenu de sa frêle légèreté...

Tous vos dessins sont tellement magnifiques. J'aime votre souci du détail.
Le temps file si vite que nous voici déjà en juin !
Je vous souhaite de profiter au mieux des belles journées qui s'annoncent.

Gros bisous ☼

RH Carpenter said...

I so enjoy when you bring us such a long post, with many photos. And seeing your work and your collections - the blues of May, indeed! - is a special treat. Your creativity and love of natural things shows in everything you do. (I do hope the person using your blog posts and photos stops - so many people think if it's on the internet, it's fair game for them to use, and I don't think they all are ignorant of the laws but just ignore them.) Have a wonderful June - seems like June will be full of reds from the poppies to...whatever comes your way.

Kate said...

I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for your lovely encouraging words on my blog; it's all too easy sometimes to feel like I'm blogging in a vacuum. I always look forward to your posts, the combination of your nature finds and your beautiful drawings is every thing I love. A kindred spirit!

Diana said...

Gorgeous Milly, your work always is an inspiration. I too love the different treasures outside in my yard and from my walks. Sending you a hug, love, Diana

Debbie Nolan said...

Milly I am late reading your lovely post. Where has June gone!! Your orange poppy is gorgeous. Mine unfortunately didn't survive this winter so am glad to see yours.
Your sepia drawing of the violets is beautiful. Certain your friend will prize your art on those wonderful cushions. Thank you for sharing your May 's special moments.

ellie said...

Absolutely Beautiful and inspiring as ever xxx Ellie