Thursday, 1 January 2009

Curling Leaf

A New Year, so I bought a new sketch book, with some ideas whizzing around in my head. I have been planning a drawing project for this coming year.
Meanwhile I have been brushing up on my drawing skills, by drawing acorns and oak leaves. I love using pencil, a sharpened point and a piece of paper, just observing and recording something I found. A moment in time captured, then months later you find that drawing, it evokes a memory of a walk, a place, a day out in the countryside.

This curling leaf is a favourite drawing of mine. I like the crisp shape and the way it curls around. We had been out for a walk and I had collected some leaves. I sat that evening drawing them. I loved the shadows cast from the curling leaf by the electric lamp. I think they make the drawing so much more interesting, the elegant shapes of the leaf and the delicate shadows.
I am going to do more pencil drawings in 2009 as I really enjoy using a pencil. Press the picture to see it close up.
Happy New Year to everyone.


Ann said...

This is gorgeous! And so elegant. My fist love is drawing with graphite too and like you plan on more works in graphite this year. I look forward to seeing what you do this year. Have a fantastic 2009!

bubblemunch said...

Your work is beautiful and your drawings are so detailed. I love the acorns, your cards ... everything!! Very reminiscent of old botanical studies.
This leaf drawing would translate very well into a ceramic design.
Found your site through your posting on EDM.
Happy New Year!

Carolyn A. Pappas said...

I love graphite more than anything else too. Sometimes I think it looks too dull being gray and all, but I keep coming back to it all the time. Great leaf.

Peachtreeart said...

Very well done!

Carol Creech said...

This is just beautiful. Curling leaves are one of my favorite things to draw. I do a good bit of graphite myself, and I love the simplicity of graphite or pen and ink. Look forward to seeing more of your work this year!

Michelle Palmer said...

Your work is a treasure!
This is my fist time visiting~ you have quickly become one of my favorites~

Wishing you a beautiful day~

Acornmoon said...

Happy New Year Milly. Lovely drawing, I like the sound of your acorn and oak leaf studies, my favourite!